If you are one of those people who like to travel to places full of culture, history, and lots of art, then Amsterdam is the city you have to visit on your next vacation trip. They have places like the Moco Museum that will surprise you because it shows pieces of art and sculptures in an unconventional way. There are also other museums that you can visit such as the well-known museum of the artist Vincent van Gogh and the world-renowned Rembrandt. However, you should know that this city has art on every corner. Although people often think that exhibitions Amsterdam are limited to paintings and sculptures, this city has much more interesting things waiting to be discovered. For example, it is the birthplace of Heineken beer, whose brewing formula has been passed down from generation to generation for years.

 “IAmsterdam” City Card

If you are a seasoned tourist, you surely spend hours on the Internet looking for all the places you want to visit on your next trip. If you are not, you certainly don’t want to miss anything. You can visit places like the modern art museums by buying an “IAmsterdam” City Card. This card is designed to give you free access to many areas of the city for a predetermined amount of time. Buy the card with a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 120 hours. With this single card, you can have access to a wide variety of places. You can attend various exhibitions in Amsterdam, travel along the canal, visit zoos, castles, and much more. You can even travel on public transportation using this card. You can buy it on the Internet and organize your trip.

Recommendations when traveling

Each city has its own culture and its unique ways of transport. Before embarking on your trip to Amsterdam, there are certain rules that you should know in order to have a smooth trip. Places like the Moco Museum have their own rules. These rules aim to create an atmosphere of harmony among all the people who visit. For example, cell phones must be silent; can you imagine visiting a museum where a cell phone rings all the time? The same happens if you visit any kind of art center. Many of the exhibitions in Amsterdam do not allow you to touch them. Always be on time when you visit an exhibition. If you are going to rent a bicycle, try to follow the company’s recommendations.