Old Trafford is located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. It holds space for the Old Trafford football stadium, which is owned by Manchester United Football Club. It is named as the largest football stadium in the United Kingdom. This stadium is also used for Rugby League and World Cup. Apart from sports, some major concerts are held here and it is also used for weddings, Christmas celebrations, and business conferences. People gather here from the different part of the world to take part in the events held. So it has become one of the major tourist attractions.

Accommodating Tourists For Nearby Attractions:

There are several hotels built around Old Trafford to accommodate the crowd which travels from long distance. Few famous hotels are Radisson Blu, Hotel Football Old Trafford, Premier Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Trafford Hall, Holiday Inn Express, Cheshire Sanctuary, The Castlefield Hotel, and Jurys Inn. Holiday rentals and fully furnished apartments are also available for people who stay for a longer period. These hotels tariffs are mainly offered on daily basis and it provides offers on early booking. Many travel websites furnish the details of the hotels present around Old Trafford with full traffic, amenities and quick price comparisons.

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