The South African Supreme Court has just legalized marijuana for recreational use on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

The announcement came from a unanimous vote, which upheld the lower court’s decision, that constitutionally, illegitimate criminalized marijuana.

Quoted from on Wednesday (9/19/2018), the decision allows adults to consume marijuana commercially, and also has the opportunity to get permission to plant psychotropic plants for personal consumption. If you’re looking for the best marijuana for recreational purpose, you should visit

“It would not be a criminal offense for adults to use or own marijuana for their personal consumption,” Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said, explaining his judgment.

Using marijuana for recreational, as well as selling and supplying it, is still illegal in South Africa before a legalized decision was hit at the start of the week. The Namaste is the one of the best sellers of recreational marijuana.

Even so, the local parliament will still decide the amount of marijuana that can be planted or used by someone personally.

The government previously opposed the legalization of marijuana, known as dagga in South Africa, because it was considered “dangerous” to human health.

Before the decision above, there were already two countries in Africa that legalized marijuana, namely Lesotho and Zimbabwe.