In a country that is among the top fish consumers in the world, it is impossible to make a ranking. However, these are unique places due to their proposal, due to the origin and quality of the raw material, or due to the way they cook it. We also based our choices on reviews of

1.  Asturia

Asturias is much more than cider, fabada and cachopos. And the port of Gijón, one of the busiest, although it must be clarified that most seafood is caught by hand. Lobster, sea ox, lobster (better known as bugre and a spectacular accompaniment in a rice soup), sea urchins, or crab are some of the most prized pieces on the market.

La Zamorana, where the precious people of Santiago are located, is an essential visit. If you want an escape out of town, El Rompeolas, in Tazones, offers some of the best products Cantabrian has to offer. Waveinn is an excellent choice in this field.

2.  Barcelona

If the weather is good, sitting on a terrace in La Barceloneta or Puerto Deportivo in the Catalan capital with a good selection of seafood can become a real luxury. Many units display their best pieces in shop windows, to the delight of visitors in Bermuda shorts and locals who want to offer a culinary tribute.

 Further on the tourist circuits: El Bisaura, where the “prey” is prepared in front of the client so that there is no doubt about its handling. Can Fusté or Botafumeiro are classics that have gained the fame they deserve to enjoy some shrimp from Palamós or the typical espardenyas.

3.  Cadiz

There are many units dedicated to the body and soul of seafood throughout the province of Cádiz. One of the favorites of locals and foreigners is Romerijo, in Puerto de Santa Maria, for the variety and freshness of shrimp, shrimp from Sanlúcar, or cañadillas. You can buy the product by weight to taste it later on one of its large terraces. In the same city, in Casa Flores, it is possible to find the searches of the “mouths of the island”, the fat legs of the male crab, and very popular in the Andalusian gastronomy for the white and soft meat. Casa Paco, in Chipiona, or El Faro, in the city of Cadiz itself, two inevitable.

4.  Canary Islands

Another seafood paradise is the Canary Islands. Experts in the field know that clacks are rare, expensive, and difficult to eat, but refined, despite their unpleasant appearance of sea rocks. In Casa Pedro, in the south of Lanzarote, they can be found in season. Another island delicacy is milk, of which there are four species, which are cooked in a pan at El Refugio, in El Hierro.

Burgados, similar to perwinkles, which for centuries has been the main livelihood of the Canaries due to their high protein content, are also highly prized, as is lobster, which can be enjoyed in many ways in La Langostera, in the south of Tenerife. The spider, on the same island, celebrates its seafood week, and La Fragata, in the municipality of Gáldar (Gran Canaria) and with unique views, raised its rice with seafood at the altars.

5.  Malaga

The best kind offered by the Gulf of Malaga (shells, shrimp, balani, or búsanos) arrives daily at the Marisquería Godoy kitchens, in Muelle Uno in the port itself. The menu also includes lobsters, lobsters, and spiders. In Jacinto, you can taste local products, such as bowling or stones, as well as “pilgrims” and fine shells. Highly recommended is an escape to Marbella to enjoy Santiago, a classic among southern and northern seafood classics.

And another is in Fuengirola, where Los Marinos José, which defines itself as the “Temple of Seafood” and where seafood lovers will be amazed by the variety and quality of delicacy on display.